Steven A. Cohen Makes a Move Into Index Funds Acorns

A venture fund backed by Steven A. Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management is investing in an app maker that encourages small-dollar contributions into a basket of exchange-traded investment

A hedge fund titan of active investing, Steven A. Cohen, is making a bet on tiny investments in passive index funds.

Point72 Ventures, an early-stage venture fund backed by Mr. Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management LP, has invested $2 million in Acorns Grow Inc., a millennial-focused app maker that encourages users to make regular small-dollar contributions into a basket of exchange-traded index funds as a way to start saving.


The Passivists: Wall Street’s ‘Do-Nothing’ Investing Revolution
The Irvine, Calif.-based startup raised $35 million this year in a round led by PayPal Holdings Inc., which Point72 more
Track Three Trends In The 2016 Gartner Hype Cycle For Emerging Technologies

This year, while consumers tracked popular new applications for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), CIOs and IT leaders paid attention to blockchain for its potential to disrupt currency platforms as we know them.

With its ability to store multiple bank transactions in one centralized ledger, be accessible by all parties and regulated by a decentralized network, blockchain will have a transformational impact on business. Yet with all the hype, blockchain nears the peak of the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2016. AR and VR, on the other hand, have moved further along the cycle, given their tenure in the market.

The Gartner Hype Cycle helps organizations separate the hype and bold promises of new technology from technologies that are commercially viable. Depending on your individual risk appetite and industry, this cycle enables you to become educated about the promise of an emerging technology.

Commercial Bank of Dubai to launch UAE’s first digital-only bank

Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD), announced on Saturday its plan to launch “CBD Now”, the nation’s first digital-only bank targeting millennials and digitally connected customers in early 2017. Bank to offer customers a smart, seamless and personalised mobile banking

“The launch of CBD Now during 2016 UAE’s innovation week is a timely example of how CBD supports the vision of the UAE government to develop innovation and drive client happiness,” said Peter Baltussen, CEO of Commercial Bank of Dubai.
The new proposition will allow customers to completely change the way they manage their finances using technology to serve all their banking needs. The bank will offer customers a smart, seamless and personalised mobile bank, allowing them to perform all financial services via their smartphone.
The bank plans to offer a series of specialised products, including current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards. These have been designed to help our customers better control their finances.
The rise of artificial intelligence in 6 charts

Artificial intelligence received $974m of funding as of June 2016 and this figure will only rise with the news that 2016 saw more AI patent applications than ever before. Here are 6 nice charts on AI

62 per cent of organisations will be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 2018 according to Narrative Science. At present, predictive analytics is the most used form of AI in enterprise and companies are focusing on innovation, patenting their AI developments at a faster rate than ever before.

Join us as we explore the rise of artificial intelligence in six charts including the top investors in AI and the most used AI enterprise solutions.

“Here’s all that you need to know about Chatbots”,

According to Gartner’s prediction by 2020, consumers will manage their 85% of the relationships with the enterprise without interacting with a human. implementation now. ChatBots are software programs that are present in our messaging apps to perform different tasks.  Fintech companies have already started their path towards this trend. As Bots can be programmed for virtually anything, it would be possible for financial service organizations to build a financial advisor, broker, investment manager and virtually any other bot.

Chatbots/ Virtual Assistants are going to change the way we live radically. Banks and Fintech have ample opportunities in developing bots for reducing their costs as well as human errors. Chatbots can work for customer’s convenience, managing multiple accounts, directly checking their bank balance and expenses on particular things. Customers can do payments and automated transactions directly through a Chatbot without downloading any App. With the rising bars of customer expectations, there is a need for faster, highly personalized and safer solutions in finance management. A personal virtual assistant which is just one message away has the potential to be the most favored way of accessing data on personal finances and information on financial products.

Big data has been an emerging trend in the business world for the last few years, and as more device

Ciklum’s Big Data Engineering team has made 10 predictions for big data over the next year. No spectacular new things but a nice summary

1   Do you have Сhief Data Officer? If not you may within the next few years! As data becomes bigger and departments expand, a CDO will be needed by every large and many smaller companies. Check here if you already need a Chief Data Officer.
2   The IoT will only continue to expand data. Self-driving cars, smart homes and even more smartphones and tablets will be flooding the marketplace, creating even more data than before. Further, according to the IDC, by 2018, half of consumers will interact with services based on AI on a regularly basis!
3   With SalesForce and Microsoft launching visual tools, you will no longer need to be a data scientist or a computer whiz to extract knowledge from big data.
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