We follow a structured process before we make an investment.

For those companies that fit our mandate (FinTech early stage based in Europe, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia) we mainly evaluate companies based on the following criteria:

  • Team: This is as much about the individuals as it is about the team. We have a strong preference for teams that have worked together in some form in the past and complement each other on skills and ways of working;
  • Product: Needs to be a solution for a real problem. We want to understand what problem you are fixing, why this is a problem and why is your solution better, more sustainable and scalable). We believe in products that are superior on at least 2 of the following 3 dimensions: 10x lower costs, 10x better experience or 10x more benefits for the user;
  • Go to market model: How are you planning to sell the product? Which channels, what proposition, etc.
  • Attractive investment potential: We like to understand your financials, including financing requirements now and in the future and exit potential in 5-10 years from investing.